The Spirits Return to SOB / SOB 08.31.17

09/04/2017     /

Many thanks to The Wizard King from Altered Circuitry for taking the wheel while I hid my head in the sand …

Ecstatic Vision-Cross the Divide-Sonic Praise-Relapse-2015
Magic Shoppe-Her Ritual-High Goodbye EP-Little Cloud Records-2017
Liars-Freak Out-Liars-Mute-2007
Black Angels-I’d Kill For Her-Death Song-Partisan-2017
Queens of the Stone Age-Un-Reborn Again-Villains-Matador-2017
Mutoid Man-Micro Aggression-War Moans-Sargent House-2017
Anvil-Heat Sink-Metal on Metal-Unidisc Music Inc.-1982
Shire-Haunted Conscience-The Spirit’s Return
Black Sabbath-Under the Sun / Every Day Comes and GoesBlack Sabbath, Vol. 4-Warner Bros-1972
The Diaphanoids-Retoxed and Somehow Heavily Szymckzhycked-Blessed Poisons-People in the Sky-2017
Electric Wizard-Incense for the Damned-Time to Die-Spinefarm-2014
Swans-Frankie M-The Glowing Man-Young God Records-2016
Liars-Leather Prowler-Liars-Mute-2007
Elder-Sonntag-Reflections of a Floating World-Armageddon-2017
Boris-Cosmos PT 1-3-Cosmos-Invada-2012