Shining with the Sunrise Ocean Bender – Long Name, Great Label

07/30/2015     /

Much, much gratitude to Dave Thompson and Goldmine Magazine for a turn in the spotlight for SOB … my deepest thanks …

With so many new record labels springing up in recent years, many of whom are literally concerned with records, as opposed to coasters and computer files, it is way too easy to start allowing a few to slip past your radar.  In a sea of unfamiliarity, what is one more or less purveyor of perfectly packaged platters? There’s sure to be another along in another few minutes.

Hailing from Richmond, Virginia, Sunrise Ocean Bender should not have that problem. Distinctively named for a cut by the Tadpoles, from their album Whirlaway, Sunshine Ocean Bender started life as a much-loved show on Richmond’s WRIR, spotlighting new music of a proggy/psych.experimental bent; became a blog, too, packed with reviews; and last year, made the leap to a full fledged record label. It’s still only a handful of releases old, including the Evening Fires vinyl of recent renown, but there’s big plans for the future, and a great story too. Label head Kevin McFadin recalls the dawn of the Sunrise …

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