Evening Fires Enters the Pipeline

09/23/2014     /

We’re thrilled, honored and humbled to say Evening Fires‘ new album, ‘Where I’ve Been Is Places, and What I’ve Seen Is Things,’ has entered the production pipeline. We’re looking at a late ’14 release, but keep your antennae primed for details as they start to come in. If you’re not familiar with the purveyors of the finest ‘Appalachian space rock’ this side of, well, anywhere, then we highly recommend delving into our Evening Fires Primer, a curated selections of cuts from releases out on their own Deep Water Acres label, another expedition that’s advocated without reservation, yielding an endless river of treasures. This is truly an honor.
“A collective of musical shape-shifters, a band, a tribe of mountain-dwelling barn alchemists … Evening Fires defy definition as much as limitations, no matter what form they choose to take. From their secret den in a northern Appalachian forest, Evening Fires brew up a rich blend of wide-spectrum rustic psychedelia with ingredients ranging from earthy folk sounds to cosmic drones to full-on rock freak-outs. Throughout their catalog, these enigmatic men and women conjure a distillation that cherishes the heart of the process as highly as the sounds they produce. As natural as any old-growth, their branches unfurl beneath their own celestial canopy. Wonderfully universal, embracingly intimate … enjoy the warmth.”

One more recommendation if we may …  an interview with Evening Fires’ mainstay and Deep Water Acres label boss Kevin Moist: Natural Reverb: A Conversation with Evening Fires’ Kevin Moist