Before I Fell / SOB 09.28.17

09/30/2017     /

Julia Dream-My Queen-World Is On Fire: Empire of Anxiety-2016-In a Dream
Julia Dream-Noon of Oblivion-World Is On Fire: Empire of Anxiety-2016-In a Dream
Los Acidos-Empatía de Cristal-Los Acidos-2016-Los Acidos
The Dials-Good Morning Mr. Magpie-Companions of the Rosy Hours-2010-Just Music
Uffe Lorenzen-Flippertøs-Flippertøs – Single-2017-Bad Afro Records
The Spacious Mind-Waiting For You In The Woods Of Dawn-Sailing the Seagoat-1996-Garageland
Traffic Sound-Yellow Sea Days -March 7th, -March 8th, -March 9th-Virgin-1969-Lion Productions/Repsychled
Huinca-Gritar & Amar Es Luchar-Huinca-1972-Trova
Embrujo-Canto Sin Nombre-Embrujo-1971-Arena Producciones
El Kinto-Pippo-Circa 1968-1977-Sondor
La Onda de The Survival-Old People-Gente Viaja-La Onda de The Survival-1971-Discos Rex
Pete International Airport-Even Happier-Safer With The Wolves-2017-Eggs in Aspic
Guiding Light-Heaven-Guide the Lightning-2017-Eggs in Aspic
JuJu-Sunny After Noon-Our Mother Was a Plant-2017-Fuzz Club Records
Pretty Lightning-Loops-Rhythm of Ooze-2017-Fuzz Club Records
The Backhomes-if You Want It-The Return of the Son of Gutbucket (A Canadian Underground Psych Explosion)-2017-Cardinal Fuzz
Cathode Ray Eyes-People-Evil-How We Lost The 21st Century-2017-Cathode Ray Eyes
Perhaps-V (excerpt)-V-2017-Riot Season Records
62 Miles From Space-Transmission Landscape-Time Shifts – EP-2017-Mega Dodo
Astralasia-Alooland-Oceania-2017-Fruits de Mer
Somesurprises-Cherry Sunshine-Live at the Tractor Tavern-2017-somesurprises
Lunar Grave-Manse of Pandelume-Mirror of the Woods-2015-Lunar Grave