“…a primal force that crushes everything in its vicinity…”

09/19/2015     /

Coming to you from the very psychedelic North West of England is Manchester’s Dead Sea Apes, another band that has fully absorbed that city’s rich musical heritage and is now twisting it into strange new shapes. A joint release by Cardinal Fuzz and Sunrise Ocean Bender, Spectral Domain is the third album by Dead Sea Apes and is possibly best described as Industrial Space Rock………………dark, claustrophobic soundscapes driven by a deep bass rumble that drag the listener to places not from this Earth. Post Rock, Space Rock, Noise Rock and Industrial Dub are ripped apart and reassembled in a new form; a primal force that crushes everything in its vicinity.

Spectral Domain opens with the pummeling, primitive groove of ‘Universal Interrogator’, an absolute juggernaut of a track. Dead Sea Apes hit a groove and subtlety explore the space around it, slowly shaping the tune into an epic slab of Noise Rock. ‘True Believers’ is more of the same foggy, bass heavy Stoner Rock, so dense and suffocating that it sucks all the air out of room…………..play these tracks loud and let Dead Sea Apes pull you into their strange orbit. The hypnotic, Eastern flavoured, ‘The Unclosing Eye’ is a fantastic track…….driven by rolling drums it has the vibe of Can’s sonic adventures from their very early albums while ‘Brought To Light’ is a swirling Post Rock soundscape that has the feel of the more experimental side of bands like Mogwai. The album closes with ‘Sixth Side Of The Pentagon’, a dark, brooding, deep dub from a Post Punk, J G Ballard vision of a dystopian future, very much in the fashion of Joy Division, Pere Ubu and Metal Box era PiL, where paranoia and State surveillance is rife. This is psychedelic music but with a real sense of danger.

Spectral Domain is released on 26th September to coincide with Dead Sea Apes appearance at the Liverpool Psych Fest and will be available on purple and clear vinyl swirl with the CD and download only available directly from the band. Pre-orders for this record are available now, but hurry as they are selling fast……..for you good people in the UK and the rest of Europe, the Cardinal Fuzz web store appears to have sold all their vinyl copies, we suggest that you contact the good Cardinal for information about the further availability of this great record. However, if you are quick, you can buy the vinyl and CD version of Spectral Domain directly from the band at http://deadseaapes.bandcamp.com/album/spectral-domain where the digital download is also available to buy. Stateside the album is being released by Sunrise Ocean Bender and is available to pre-order from their online store and also from the SOB Bandcamp page at https://sunriseoceanbender.bandcamp.com/album/spectral-domain.

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